Logistics Services

Ocean Shipping1

Ocean Shipping

Bumi Marine has direct contacts across all major alliances, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules you need with carriers you can trust.

FCL Shipping

Bumi Marine offers access to hundreds of FCL sailings that work with the dynamics of your supply chain.  We have teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time. We offer a Premium Guaranteed service on most sailings out of Asia. This ensures our customers’ most urgent cargo arrives at their destination on time, even when allocation is exceeded.

LCL Shipping

With Bumi Marine, you get access to a homegrown, exclusive, client-only LCL network that spans across various nodes around the world, optimized for speed, visibility, and safety. 

Our network offers unmatched connectivity and cadence across major shipping routes while enabling our clients to optimize for working capital by procuring inventory on demand. Clients benefit from the combined scale of the entire Bumi Marine customer community when they ship on our LCL network.

We offer

Our Warehousing Reduces Transit Time

By operating our own warehouses, we efficiently transload, segregate, palletize, and label your cargo for delivery to multiple destinations. Managing these processes from the same facility where we deconsolidate your goods saves days of transit time and provides a level of control typically reserved for the largest shippers.

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With our own fleet and a network of trucking & rail partners in every region we operate,  we are optimized to move cargo safely and on time.

Air Freight

A Robust, Global Network of Capacity

Our network of BSAs and contact with key carriers means you’ll get consistent, premium, best-in-class service with daily uplift schedules to meet any transit time requirement. Our capacity covers all of the high demand trade lanes from Asia to the US and Europe.  Optimized for the best routing, pricing, and delivery timelines, our service is agile enough to reposition capacity based on your specific needs.

Faster Transit Time, Better Services

Faster transit times for airfreight are won with a great ground operation. Bumi Marine has invested in a network of cargo freight stations in all of our key gateways that provide a truly premium and value-added service.  Our network of owned and partner warehouses are designed to optimize the ground operation and seamlessly move your freight from port to door.

Trade Services

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Bumi Marine is a Royal Malaysian Customs Department approved Forwarding Agent Company.

Our dedicated customs professionals assist you with clearing goods through customs agencies around the world, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.

Trade Advisory

Governments around the world require importers and exporters to comply with ever-evolving rules and regulations. Our trade experts help you navigate these requirements and keep you up to date on the latest changes impacting trade around the world. Rely on our global network of trade professionals to help you enter new markets seamlessly and compliantly.

Replace confusion with opportunity by discovering how you can:

Duty Drawback

Duty drawback is a robust, but very underused tariff mitigation tool. Did you import goods that were then exported or destroyed?  We can navigate the complexities of having your import duties refunded.

From feasibility to application, data gathering, filing, customs correspondence and recovery, we take the weight of a complex process off your hands while keeping every step transparent.

Our team finds the best drawback type(s) for you then manages the application process — from data aggregation to matching and filing — with complete documentation and a financial audit trail.

Financial Services

Ship confidently with Great Marine Insurance

Ship confidently with Great Marine Insurance

Through our relationship with Allianz Insurance, we offer affordable cargo insurance with broader coverage, that settles claims faster, and delivers peace of mind.  Your team at Bumi Marine takes responsibility for the time-consuming details — so you don’t have to.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Fire Insurance

A safety net that helps you cover your financial losses in the event of a fire. Cover your property against losses or damages caused by fire, lightning and explosion caused by domestic gas.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Fire Insurance